The John Muir Way


Battery Theatre working in conjunction with the John Muir Birthplace Dunbar will create a show about John Muir’s Women to dovetail with the exhibition planned by the Birthplace for 2020.

The significant role of women in Muir’s life has not been well highlighted to date. Muir’s environmental legacy has been influenced by his relationships and communication with a range of women and this will form the core of this original piece of theatre in unique and changing settings along the coast, including in Dunbar where Muir’s passion for the environment originated.

In the light of the recent Scottish Government Declaration of Climate Emergency we are confident that our interpretation of the pioreering work undertaken by John Muir will inspire others to action.

Battery will tour the show by walking the John Muir Way from Helensburgh to Dunbar.  The company will perform the show at indoor venues along the route.

Battery will also be inviting others to join them for all or part of the walk to raise awareness of the John Muir Way and the lasting environmental legacy of John Muir


Written by Rebekah King

Directed by Andy Corelli

Music by Karen Dietz

Performed by Philip Kingscott and Kirsten Maguire